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Planning a trip - practicalities and season


There is something for everyone at Kullen regardless of interest, wallet and season. Having said that, certain activities have their limitations when it comes to the season. Rock climbing and kayaking may not be your best options during the winter months, and please note that some restaurants, wineries, etc. can be closed for the season. But with most of them we can make appointments for larger group outside high season, without any problem.

We would actually recommend that you plan a visit a bit outside the popular high season. You have the peninsula a bit more to yourselves and feel the calming of the ocean and nature trails. The climate here is much alike northern sealand, Denmark - mild winters and a long autum, so golfing, biking, hiking and much more is usually not a problem at all.  

And who wouldn't like to spice up a grey and dull winter and combine  the fresh air with a wellness experience, wine tasting, charming Christmas markets of Skåne, ceramic workshop, yoga or whatever you might fancy?!  

Finding Kullen

Kullen Tours is not a tour operator, and therefore does not arrange bus tours or other transport for this, it is in principle for you to decide and arrange getting hereitself. If you have any special needs or wishes, i.e that you want to be picked up at RIB high speed boat from Helsingør or combine the trip with a fishing trip on the Sound to get over the strait, we can of course help.


Coming from the greater Copenhagen area, there are basically two roads to Kullen - over the Øresund Bridge or with the ferry Helsingør - Helsingborg. The bridge is longer in kilometers, but it takes about the same time whether you choose the bridge or ferry . The bridge is somewhat cheaper than the ferry. The ferry sails every 15-20 minutes and the crossing takes approx. 20 minutes. There are different weekend/deals available for both transport routes.

If you come from Copenhagen airport and from the south, we recommend that you take the bridge.
Read  more: www.oresundsbron.com and www.scandlines.dk



Copenhagen Airport: 1t:25 min (bridge)

Gentofte: 1t:40 (ferry)

City Hall Square: 1t:40 (bridge)

Hillerød: 1t:40 (ferry)

Roskilde: 1t:50 (bridge)

Malmö: 1t (bridge)

Varberg: 1t:35 

Göteborg: 2t:15