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Relax & Wellness

Although Kullen is full of action, rock climbing or kayaking may not be the best options during the winter months. But there are plenty of other possibilities, and we would actually recommend planning a group trip a bit outside of the popular high season. 

You have the peninsula a bit more to yourselves and feel the calming of the ocean and nature trails. The climate here is much alike northern sealand, Denmark - mild winters and a long autum, so golfing, biking, hiking and much more is usually not a problem at all.  

And who wouldn't like to spice up a grey and dull winter and combine  the fresh air with a wellness experience, wine tasting, charming Christmas markets of Skåne, ceramic workshop, yoga or whatever you might fancy?! Check your options with us.  

Relax & Wellness – selection of options


Ceramic workshop
Nature hike/guide

Ciderfarm visit/tasting

Organic farming
Whiteguide restaurant